December 04, 2018 • ☕️ 1 min read

Fariz is a developer specialized in Web Technologies. He is very critical in User & Developer Experience.

Currently he is a UI Engineer at Tarsius Research, a remote SaaS startup that researching on providing the best communication & collaboration experience, from both UI/UX & Engineering field.

Fariz is a self-driven, hard thinker, and open minded person. Always improving on how to working effectively and efficiently. He always thinking in Software Engineering, Business, and things in between.

He has a dream to build better Frontend Engineer, rather than a tools itself. As part of his dreams, he start to writing (a book, and posts) about it under EvilFactory incubator.

Now he is living in Bandung, a joyful city in West Java. To learn more about what is Fariz doing right now, you can check his Now page here. He start to implementing minimalism lifestyle to reduce unimportant things in his life.

To getting in touch with Fariz, you can check to his social media accounts here:

  • Twitter (short thought): @108kbps
  • Goodreads (Books I read): @108kb
  • Instapaper (my public bookmarks): @108kb
  • Github (place where I publish my OSS): @108kb
  • Medium (secondary space when I write): @108kb

Typically he don’t respond any recruitment offering, but you can try it out.

Fariz Rizaldy

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