Hello September

I removed Clicky, good bye. $10 = 150rb-an IDR haha

I updated Now page, because I don't know what exactly I'm doing right now.

There is no ads, tracker, analytics in this blog. Enjoy.

I start tracking my coding activity, this is a screenshot:


6hrs/day is enough I think. This is my profile: https://wakatime.com/@fariz, and here is the page you can track, but not actually updated in real-time (I should sync it via wakatime): https://filosofikode.me/coding

I start (seriously) learning lower-level programming language.

I start contributing in Open Source ecosystem, and will seriously advocating about developer-related

I've downloaded ReederApp (It's free, btw! Because they will launch version 4), you should download it too. This app was very beautiful, and useful. Download it here: http://reederapp.com

This post was full of ego.

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