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What I’m doing right now?

This page is describing about What is Fariz doing right now? Inspired by Derek Sivers, so you don’t need to ask me frequently about that (like wiiih lagi sibuk apa nih sekarang?)


Professionally, I’m Lead Frontend Engineer at KelasKita, an education-startup from Bandung, Indonesia. I’m managing Frontend Infrastructure; from Web-app, SDK, Documentation, until Styleguide. Visible part of KelasKita Web Apps.

Self-proclaiming, I’m DX Engineer. I love helping other developers in writing software, increases their productivity, and reducing latency in shipping code.

Book I Read

I’m interesting in Engineering aspects in management perspective. I’m curious about people management in Software Engineering field. First step to dive into this, I start to read about How to Win Friends & Influence People to powering myself in becoming Leader.

Then, to handling burnout, I’m reading Calm. Written by the cofounder of Calm App itself.

Some books I own but will be read it soon: Side Hustle. Curious how to made extra income without leaving my day-job.


If you are following my Instagram account, maybe you were see my Instagram Story that I will leave Frontend Web field. Maybe it’s true, but maybe it can be false. But you should see the word after that Frontend.

I’m hacking with Objective-C & Swift, as my preparation to become serious iOS Developer. Beside that, I’m focusing on Frontend Mobile Web, and will be specializing on UX field. So, I will making user thinking, like: Why should I install this mobile apps, if I’m really enjoying & feeling this Mobile Web App like native-ish.

Yes, you might heard about Progressive Web Apps. The curious part of this was: Why should I’m hacking with Native Mobile Apps, if I’m implementing PWA to Mobile Web Apps? I think, you know the answer.

Personal Project I’m working on

If you read my about page, you might realize about Previously I made, but I will make it just become like an ‘incubator’ instead of my brand for my one of my side project.

Anything else?

Previously I’m sharing about what Songs & Movies I’m enjoying right now, but not for now (and for the next). But, if you are curious, you can see my Spotify account (sadly Netflix didn’t has a public profile URL which user can share, maybe will trying out HOOQ/iFlix. This is why I just watch Netflix in office, because my rent was using Indihome as Internet Service Provider).

Some peoples say they built their own Now page because reading my Now page. You can check their Now page below (I do linking their Now page here, because they do it to me too. Hopefully this become our win-win choice, okay?):

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