Selamat Pagi, JavaScript?

Since my first article published on Selamat Pagi, JavaScript! Medium publication, it have good feedback from my reader. This is the current stats


I'm so happy with all of you do by support me, giving a clap, share it, and many more. There are some friend that waiting me publish new article to that publication, but my apologize to make you dissapoint. I will hiatus in publishing new article in that publication. It should not long.

Honestly, I will hiatus in writing new content in this blog. But it should be hard, I don't have any medium to share what I thought except this ones. I have some big plan, and I don't know how the result. And obviously I will share it here, thanks for being my reader.

It's time for you to unfollow that publication, if you want. In case you missed while I publish new article, you will know from my Medium profile, and you can re-follow it, if you want.

And sorry for the newsletter, I didn't send it this week, maybe next week too. I need to finish my all mission, so I can free my self.


Click here in case you don't have access to read my current letter sent from Selamat Pagi, JavaScript! publication

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